We quantify analytes, including metal ions, and specific oxidation states in near real-time
Selenate vs. Selenite: See how XRpro® Ion-Select™ quantifies specific oxidation states
Let us develop sensors for your analytes, in your chemical matrix

Real-time measurements of trace analytes in industrial effluents

XRpro® Ion-SelectTM delivers accurate, real-time quantification of small molecules, ions and metal ions—plus specific oxidation states for select analytes—in complex industrial effluents. XRpro® systems are field-deployable and unattended, requiring no AA or ICP. Our patented approach measures traditionally challenging analytes in complex matrices, including polyoxometallates (e.g. SeO42-, SeO32-, CrO42-) and the cations of metals including Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Fe, and Ag. Rapid, automated measurements and reporting enable you to make critical decisions faster.

Eminent scientific leadership

Benjamin Warner

XRpro® founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Benjamin Warner developed our technology, and continues to guide our innovation.

In-line monitoring of specific chemical species

Our XRpro® Ion-Select™ technology allows monitoring of specific chemical species and oxidation states in industrial effluent, including polyoxometallates. We deliver actionable data to process management in near real-time.

Real-Time Differentiation Among Oxidation States

The oxidation states of selenium present special challenges. XRpro® Ion-Select™ differentiates between selenate (SeO42-) and selenite (SeO32-)—accurately, automatically, in real time.

Custom Sensor Development

XRpro® rapidly develops sensors for your target analyte in your complex matrix. Contact us to discuss your application.